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Past-life therapy and regressive hypnosis are becoming more and more popular as people start to become more open to spiritual concepts such as reincarnation, but belief in past lives is not essential to this work. The vivid detailed memories you experience can still result in profound insights about, and healing in, our current life.

With Introspective Hypnosis (IH) and Past Life Therapy (PLT), I help those on the path of spiritual awakening journey deep within to access the subconscious mind, where most of our thoughts, emotions and behaviors originate. Becoming aware of what you are presently unconscious of brings profound understanding, insight and often relief from symptoms, helping you to more easily manifest your desires and align to your true purpose. During a session, most clients will access memories of forgotten past events, past lives and the time between lives when you are pure spirit. The benefits occur on emotional, spiritual and energetic levels.

Each of us carries many lifetime’s worth of memories that are woven into each emotion, thought and reaction we have. IH and PLT create a window into forgotten history where we can gain insight into our struggles. Most of us have experienced past events that were too painful for our soul to process fully. When that happens, our soul compartmentalizes the memory, essentially putting it on hold, and stores it in the subconscious mind, so that it does not overload us.

Over time these repressed memories can lead to physical, mental or emotional symptoms, such as phobias, anxiety, depression, addictions, pain and weakness that have no logical or medical explanation. The soul is always trying to tell us something, through the body. Once we access our subconscious mind, which is far more expansive than our conscious mind and houses our divine wisdom, we reexamine these events, come to understand the origin of our symptoms, and we desensitize the trauma.

We are then more easily able to release the blocks and symptoms and also forgive. Forgiving allows us to let go of what has been holding us back, relieves our suffering, allows us to grow spiritually and learn the lessons we came into this life to learn. In addition to reprogramming fears, phobias, psychosomatic physical symptoms, grief and anxiety, regression can assist in growing spiritually and diminish the fear of dying.

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