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I am a registered hospice nurse, certified hypnotist, past-life therapist and certified coach. I live and conduct in-person sessions in Asheville, NC and virtual sessions via Zoom. There is little difference between in-person and Zoom sessions. Optional coaching is also available, as needed, to support you in incorporating what you have become aware of into your life, to maximize its potential for positive change and healing.

My personal spiritual awakening began at the age of 14, when my mother had a near death experience when kicked in the chest by her racehorse. She experienced a sensation of unconditional love and was met at the end of the tunnel of white light by a friend who had died many years earlier. He told her it was not her time, and she was resuscitated by EMS who were on scene. This led us both to became extremely interested in reincarnation and esoteric studies.

I have come to understand that earth is a school where our souls learn and grow through experience, especially through emotion and struggle. We are spirits having a human experience. During many lives our souls play many roles, such as victim, witness and perpetrator, to learn all the necessary concepts needed for our spiritual evolution. The pain we experience is temporary and for our spiritual advancement. Forgiveness leads to greater love, and at our core, we are love.

I have explored many technologies on my spiritual path but resonate most with the healing power of love, compassion and forgiveness demonstrated through hypnosis and PLT. I am quite passionate about these technologies. It is such a privilege and blessing to facilitate these experiences and to benefit from the ability to percieve the spiritual realm.

Contact me to schedule a complementary 15-20-minute consultation to explore whether a session might benefit you and answer any questions you may have.

Amanda Oughton

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